For Monday, 11/22


Hi, this is a slight variation from what I announced on Wednesday–sorry about the late notice. I’ve been dealing with Jamaican bureaucracy the last few days. I’ll be in Kingston, JA, for a few days for my mother’s 80th birthday, and I’m still unsure that I’ll have the technical support I need in order for us to meet on Zoom. I am crossing my fingers that this will be possible on Wednesday. If so, we will follow up on your work during the previous days (I’m also hoping to spend a good deal of time on further small-group discussions). 

We won’t have a Zoom session tomorrow, but I would like each of you to use our class time to meet with your group. I will itemise the things I’d like from you all below.

Asynchronous Work

  1. Create a Slack Channel for your Story Maps group. Add me as a member of this channel. I’ve urged you to do this before, but now I’m making it mandatory. This way, you always have a channel of communication to me as a group.
  2. On this channel, post the research question you all came up with as a group for your proposal outlines.
  3. Submit a brief post as a group (you can task one person to speak for the group in this matter) explaining how you’ve revised this question in the subsequent period of time (that is, following your own further discussions as well as my (ongoing) grading feedback.
  4. Your discussion of the refinements you’ve made to your research question should make specific reference to the advice to be found in either the the Davis or the Irvin readings listed above.

For Next Time (Live and Direct from Jamdown)

There won’t be any new reading for Wednesday (unfortunately). Instead, we’ll continue talking about how to refine and more narrowly focus our research questions (with reference to Davis 1971 and Irvin 2010).