For Wednesday, 12/1


  • Matt Miller, ‘Rap’s Dirty South: From Subculture to Pop Culture’, in Forman and Neal (2012)

Zoom Session

  1. Attendance
  2. Notes on Story Maps
    1. Choose ONE artist, event, or song.
    2. Map locations more specific than, say, Atlanta, GA; or Compton, CA.
    3. What makes your thesis interesting?
      1. ‘Interestingness’ à la Murray S. Davis
      2. The Method of Creative Agreement
      3. The Method of Creative Disagreement
  3. Q&A: The Dirty South as Imagined Community
  4. Reading Notes for Next Time

For Next Time

  • Jesse McCarthy, ‘Notes on Trap’n+1 (Fall 2018). A world where everything is always dripping. Note: This is quite a heady and ‘literary’ take on the genre, written in a somewhat paratactic style (that is, the author’s propositions appear to exist ‘side by side’, as it were, since the order in which they’re arranged doesn’t seem to be determined by the unfolding of a unifying argument). This is more of a reading to puzzle over, pick through, and maybe find some nuggets of insight — I know I’ve said that about a number of our recent texts, but it’s really true of this one. I think this is a good one to look at right now because you can read it in little bits and pieces, and maybe it’ll spark an idea for your final project. Here’s the link to my annotations on Hypothesis. keywords: motivated signifying (#3); neoliberalism (#8).
  • Video: ‘How the triplet flow took over rap’, Vox (15 September 2017)