For Thursday, 10/15


  • Review Paul Gilroy, ‘It’s a Family Affair’, in Neal and Forman (2012)
  • Read Christina Verán, with Darryl “DLT” Thompson, Litefoot, Grant Leigh Saunders, Mohammed Yunus Rafiq, and Jaas, ‘Native Tongues: A Roundtable on Hip-Hop’s Global Indigenous Movement’, in Forman and Neal (2012)

Zoom Session

  1. Q&A: :Keywords
  2. Review for the Midterm (due 10/27)
  3. For Next Time

For Next Time

  • HW: Annotated Bibliography (due 10/20)
  • HW: Post one discussion question for Thursday’s reading (due 10/21)
  • Murray Forman, ‘Represent: `Race, Space, and Place in Rap Music’, in Forman and Neal (2012)


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  1. agario

    My one comment on it is that while reading it, I wanted the narrator to just rip the wallpaper and get it over with. I know it was more complicated than that, but the urge was still there.

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