Click to download a Word doc of the syllabus.

There is no required text. We will, however, use a number of PDFs from the following reader: 

  • Forman, Murray, and Mark Anthony Neal. 2012. That’s the Joint! The Hip-Hop Studies Reader, 2nd Ed. New York: Routledge.

Everything is available online or will be posted on the course website.  The schedule is subject to change at my discretion; I will hand out material occasionally if we need to make a last-minute change in the syllabus, or as the situation otherwise calls for it.  The syllabus is also be available online; but you’ll need to be in class on a very regular basis in order to catch the latest announcements (note that the syllabus also contain links to selected readings).

Major Assignments

  • Class Participation Self-Evaluation = 25%
  • Story Maps Proposal Outline = 25%
  • Story Maps Final Project = 30%
  • Story Maps Overview Pecha Kucha

Note: A major component of the class participation you’ll be self-evaluating will be your contributions to our online, asynchronous discussions (primarily on Slack). Also, the remaining 20% of your overall grade will come from homework assignments. 


Note: I’m constantly experimenting to try to find the best narrative framework and sequencing to present this material; sometimes things don’t work and have to be changed.  Consult your syllabus for our general marching direction, but be advised once again that I make announcements in class, typically at the beginning of the period, when changes have to be made.