For Wednesday, 28 February


  • Video: Wild Style (Charlie Ahearn, 1982). We’ll watch this movie in class, but I encourage you to look at it a few times. You can view this movie for free using the hyperlink in the title.
  • Alex Gale, The Oral History of “Wild Style”Complex (2013). Note: I advise watching the movie to the end before reading this.

In Class

  1. Attendance
  2. Q&A: Did street art survive its move to the galleries?
  3. Reading Notes for Next Time

For Next Time

  • Nelson George, ‘Hip-Hop’s Founding Fathers Speak the Truth’, in Forman and Neal (2012); also available in Forman and Neal (2004)
  • Video: Founding Fathers: The Untold Story of Hip-Hop (Ron Lawrence and Hassan Pore, 2009). Watch this before class; we’ll review a few scenes during class as they become relevant to our discussion