For Wednesday, 8 May

Since we didn’t get a chance to really dig into Monday’s assignments, we’ll try to find some time to talk about them on Wednesday. Much of the class will be dedicated to final projects, however.

  • Review: Matt Miller, ‘Rap’s Dirty South: From Subculture to Pop Culture’, (password-protected PDF) in Forman and Neal (2012)
  • Video: ‘How the triplet flow took over rap’Vox (15 September 2017). Take careful notes. You must list at least three details from the video (an interesting fact or research finding, an intriguing hypothesis, some provocative claim); note the time stamp or approximate duration (e.g., 3m41s, or 3:41-5:25) and provide an annotation for each item. For example, you might question the way the author interprets a research finding; or you might speculate as to how a hypothesis might apply to a related topic; or you might explain what confuses you about a particular claim. I’d say this double-entry chart on the New York Times learning blog is geared more towards critically watching narrative fiction, but looking at it should give you a sense of what I’m looking for here. I won’t ask you to turn this in (unless you miss class), but I will cold-call a good bit to see what you noticed.

In Class

  1. Attendance
  2. Story Maps Accounts
  3. Small Group Pow-wows
  4. Q&A: What exactly is ‘dirty’ about the ‘Dirty South’?
  5. Reading Notes for Next Time

For Next Time