For Monday, 11/15


  • Review Paul Gilroy, ‘It’s a Family Affair’, in Neal and Forman (2012). keywords: authenticity; black nationalism; creolisation; race as family. We spent much of the session discussing Paul Gilroy’s critique of the Afrocentric perspective, so we’ll get to the rest of his concerns this Monday. Going forward, we’ll start talking in earnest about hip-hop’s urban geography and the distinctiveness of different local scenes.

Zoom Session

  1. Attendance
  2. Return of the Noz (Slight Reprise)
  3. Q&A: Paul Gilroy on Hip-Hop Politics
  4. Review: Story Maps Proposal Outlines
    1. ‘Explainer Journalism’ Is Not the Goal Here
  5. Reading Notes for Next Time

For Next Time

  • Murray Forman, ‘Represent: `Race, Space, and Place in Rap Music’, in Forman and Neal (2012)