For Wednesday, 11/17


  • Murray Forman, ‘Represent: `Race, Space, and Place in Rap Music’, in Forman and Neal (2012). keywords: Black Atlantic, the (2012:257); commodification; conspicuous consumption; cult of authenticity; dialectic (between production styles and local listening practices, pp. 255-57); g-funk; Gangsta Rap; Message Rap (pp. 257-58); organic intellectual.

Zoom Session

  1. Attendance
  2. Return of the Noz (Slight Reprise)
  3. Q&A: TBA
  4. Reading Notes for Next Time

For Next Time

  • Davarian Baldwin, ‘Black Empires, White Desires: The Spatial Politics of Identity in the Age of Hip-Hop’, in Forman and Neal (2012). keywords: afrocentrism; commodification; conspicuous consumption (pp. 231 [on the ‘promise’ of a politics of consumption], 239); culture industry (p. 231 [as a putative ‘site for black institution-building and contestation’]); gangsta rap; Ghettocentric turn, the; ‘ghettocentricity’; Moynihan Report; ‘nation-conscious’ rap; Native Tongues collective; nihilism.