For Wednesday, 1 June

  • Ground Rules for the Classroom. The penalties for in-class smartphone use are pretty toothless in a remote learning environment, obvs.
  • Video: Style Wars (Henry Chalfant and Tony Silver, 1983). The seminal documentary of graffiti and b-boying’, writes Jeff Chang in one of our upcoming texts (‘Zulus on a Time Bomb’). You should be able to view this film for free on, but if there’s a problem, here’s a link that’s currently working on YouTube

Zoom Session

  1. Attendance/Introductions, cont’d
  2. Course Overview (Syllabus, Slack, Story Maps, etc.), cont’d
  3. Q&A: Style Wars
  4. Reading Notes for Next Time

For Next Time

  • Video: Wild Style (Charlie Ahearn, 1982). Either DJ Jazzy Jay or DJ Tony Tone (I can’t remember which) tells Rob Swift that, of the three classic early hip-hop films (Style Wars, Wild Style, and Beat Street), Wild Style was actually the most faithful representation of early hip-hop culture, despite being fictional!